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Sports Skills Academy

Digital Marketing / Consulting

Sports Skills Academy (SSA) is a member of the XLE Group, which owns well-known brands such as Saigon Heat, VBA Vietnam Basketball Association, VUG Student Playground. SSA is an International Sports Training Academy, established in 2009, for students aged 6-17 at all levels.


  • Lead generation quality and the conversion rate (CR) are low.
  • High digital marketing cost but the quality of lead is not as expectation.


  • We provide content directions and deep target advertising to acquire right customer & marketing leads (parents who have children in the age of 6 – 17).
  • We support in sale process, digital marketing strategy and how to understand customers’ behaviour to boost the conversion rate to be above 11% (based on CPC results of the past digital campaign) and increase the conversion rate from marketing leads into quality sale leads.

Results / Achievement

  • Increase the quality of marketing lead.
  • Increase the conversion rate from 11% (CPC) to 43% (CPL).
  • Cost per customers (new learners) reduces to one third.
Scope of Work

Facbook Advertising

Google Ad / PPC

Facebook Lead Generation

Native Ad

Content Direction

Social Media Management Consulting

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